In this episode, Courtenay interviews Pastor Jack Martin on his thoughts behind the future of patriotism and the current spiritual warfare happening in America. Pastor Martin illuminates his inspiration behind running for the upcoming Congressional seat in District 11 Florida as well as his predictions for the 2024 election. This conversation highlights current issues surrounding the LGBTQ movement, January 6th event, election integrity, experimental jab, pro life values, and bringing moral codes (like the 10 Commandments) into schools.

New Jersey native, Pastor Jack Martin, spent 22 years as a Senior Pastor at Praise Assembly of God in Hudson, Florida. During that time he founded the Chaplaincy for both Spring Hill Fire Rescue and Hernando County Fire Rescue, serving for 17 years alongside pastoring at the church. This led him to become part of the State of Florida ESF-8 Emergency Response mental health team. During the same period, Jack served as chaplain for both the Nature Coast 912 group, the FDNY 343 retired firefighters group, and the Hernando County Community Patriots, where he still continues in that capacity. He also served for several years on the board of Directors for Faith Tampa Bay. In 2016, Jack was a candidate for the Congressional seat in District 11 and is actively campaigning again, you can find the donation link to support below!

Episode Resources: Pulpit Freedom Sunday 1994 Contract with America Mike Lindell on voter fraud Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley General Mike Flynn Moderna Studies 2017 Governor DeSantis Roe v. Wade Hippocratic Oath

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