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  • Timestamp minute 19: My dots connect to show saline parenteral and that vax deaths are a white hat false flag. A little thing like a vial filling machine would not have stopped the greatest man of the last thousand years. See my Episode No. 30. You two are very very good and good together. Same as with Lee Merritt. Keep that thug-guy off next time. Just you girls. Senor Boots says that mothers could save the nation if sufficiently wakened, rather like the Greek Euripides and “The Trojan Women” [although they were too late] or maybe like the Keltic Queen Boadicea resisting the Romans. And then we have Homer’s Penelope. Try my 4 dozen video essays:

  • Timestamp minute 27: While 911 was a false flag and false in many individual respects, this “jumping out of windows” may have been totally false. Wind-loads up 100 stories are severe [40 lbs per sq. ft or more]. I have not seen the specs on the “insulated glass units [glass-airspace-glass] but I would say they were 2.5 inches minimum thickness and being 7 feet tall [that height I did measure one night in the late ’80’s], the weight was in the neighborhood of 250 lbs per window. That would be very difficult to knock out and that was before code had changed to allow a kind of glass that shatters into little pebbles and so that kind of glass would have been more difficult than chipping off of a block of ice. Therefore, I think those were dummies which the fall of the buildings soon buried after the demolition charges went off and the microwave death rays beamed down from near Earth orbit. The floors were fire rated and so upper floors did not get cooked from below. The men who used sledge hammers to knock out the windows were then given time to run down a pre-selected stairwell which had locked doors down to a certain level thereby keeping the stairs clear of people blockages. With 911 as with all else, the Cabal does not care what you believe as long as it is wrong. As we know.

  • Timestamp 58: Majoring in Existentialism! How far did you get with Sartre’s Being and Nothingness? The Phenomenology of Spirit is tough enough by itself! But Existentialism I eventually felt was intimately connected with the same movement that spawned Freud wherein we are directed inwardly so as to take our eyes off the various crime scenes. The second PhD [ever] was given to Jung and the idea of the supervising professor is creepily close to “Grooming.” For my money, Philosophy stops with Hume and after that it is a captured operation. Although typing this I have a copy of Critique of Pure Reason in front of me and Kant’s categories may have influenced my own “4 levels of consciousness” and my “Age of Assisted Reason” [see my Episode No. 37] and I have wondered if it also influenced Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I THOUGHT you sounded like a philosophy major. I have written 6 laws and the Indiana General Assembly took up 3 of them [on Civil Engineering, polymath] and 1 of the 3 they did not was on funding for a free 1 credit hour class on Descartes Six Meditations on First Philosophy. I have been studying Hobbes in the half century since Senior year and have lately come to the conclusion that he was a forerunner of Adam Weishaupt, which John Mearsheimer and I would regret if true. Much is crumbling as my Episode No. 4 warns about. I wish we could trade occasional e-mails. I prefer to the written word to the spoken. I know. Too much. Bye.

  • Loved this interview! Any chance you could put a reading list together? I’m always picking up new information and trying to fill in gaps. TIA.