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In this episode, Courtenay and Serene discuss grief, loss, and miracles as depicted in Serene’s new book, The Eve In Us All. This conversation navigates tough topics including abortion, narcissism, and losing loved ones, but is heavily filtered through a lens of gratitude. From being an abortion survivor, to losing her daughter to sepsis, and healing traumatic relationships with narcissists, Serene shows us all how beautiful the healing journey can be when we choose to take responsibility and lead with love.

Serene Seas is a child advocate committed to advancing the rights of children and author of The Eve In Us All. As an abortion survivor and adopted newborn, she has had to heal early traumas through desep inner work. As part of her path to finding peace, Serene began documenting miracles to transform her grief. In 2017 she made a promise to herself to write down one miracle a day to shift her focus to gratitude. Through all the atrocities Serene has suffered, her astounding entries have opened the door to her true purpose- capturing how magical our days can be when we share our miracles with others.

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