**Prayers for Dr Madej who was recently in a plane crash, but has survived and we hope she makes a speedy recovery!**

In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Dr. Carrie Madej to the show to discuss the rise of spiritual warfare and how to triumph in faith. From the Metaverse (which translates into ‘death world’), transhuman ideologies, and vaccine nanotech there’s no doubt that there’s a glorification of artificial intelligence as the new “god”. The AI agenda seeks to overpower the freewill of humanity for complete and total control. Carrie shares with listeners how to safeguard your humanness in the presence of what’s to come and help to empower others to do the same.

Dr. Carrie is an osteopathic and internal medicine doctor. She received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences. She currently dedicates her time educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology, and human rights via multiple platforms and speaking engagements. Dr. Carrie’s work has appeared on major outlets including The Stew Peters Show, Alex Jones Show, Day Star Television, The Health Ranger, and many more.

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EMF Solutions: https://www.emfsol.com/

Connect with Dr. Carrie Madej:
Website: https://www.carriemadej.com/
Instagram: @fenixmeddr
Facebook: Carrie Madej

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  • We’re seeing things in the wrong way – this idea about good and evil is a story we have been bred with and it’s putting us on the wrong path. A better way of looking at it and probably more attached to reality is that good is synergistic (regenerative) and bad is entropic (degenerative) Entropy is required in a self-sufficient and self-contained world. It breaks matter down and it challenges ideas and thoughts. It decomposes matter and it is hungry! Synergy is also needed. Synergy regenerates matter and ideas and thoughts. These two energies and functions are out-of-whack because we have too many degenerative practices (caused by thoughts) such as selfishness which makes us too lazy to care for our environment. We are too self-centered and not enough outward-centered. We need to be centered within ourselves, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be that, but we are too wrapped up in ourselves, always caring about how we look, how others will see us, etc. I do it too. It’s habitual but we are capable of changing habits. Nobody will talk at this level and it gets hostile and this shows that the program is alive and kicking in us. We need to see with different eyes and this threatens the program and thus cause almost everyone to look away.

  • Appreciate the interview but too many references to god and the bible. Not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. Please keep this in mind with future interviews.

  • Great segment Courtenay, I appreciate what you’re doing to get the truth out as it pertains to the spiritual warfare that grips this world.

  • my ex-wife s husband had the vaccine and 3 boosters I believe. after a couple of weeks he developed these spots on his chest which seemed to move across his chest. He was irritated by them and cut them open. Inside his chest we’re shrimp like creatures that were alive. They freaked him out. He cut them all out and won’t ever get any more shots.