In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Cait Crowell to the show to discuss holistic nutrition and entrepreneurship. With early onset panic attacks, anxiety, digestive issues, and eventually a diagnosis of scoliosis, IBS and gastritis, Cait became desperate to find answers to heal her body. Frustrated with the scripts of western medicine and illusionary “healthy” food labels, she started to dabble with alternative mediums. After seeing the incredible results, she went on to earn impressive credentials and opened up her own practice where she could share her passion for holistic health with others. In this conversation Cait busts through health myths, elaborates on common complications she sees in her patients, the root causes of each, and more importantly the natural solutions to heal them.

Cait Crowell is a holistic nutritionist and truth-seeker who believes you’ve got to build your health from the inside out. After her early health struggles, she went on to get her Bachelors in Global Public Health & Nutrition from George Mason University. At the age of 20, she took a solo trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh and worked at the International Research Center where she helped women and children who were severely malnourished. It was there she discovered the healing powers of zinc therapy + oral hydration solution. She accredits this experience to propelling her to get a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification and build an expansive business that empowers others to take charge of their own health too.

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Instagram: @whatcaitate

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