In this episode, Courtenay welcomes the founder of Global Healing, Dr. Edward Group DC, NP to the show to discuss the fascinating (and little taboo) phenomenon of urine therapy. Since urine is sterile and contains individual stem cells, there are miraculous healing powers it can produce specifically designed for each individual. In fact, urine contains 6 molecules that have yet to be identified by modern science that could very well be the reason why it’s so effective. Dr. Edward guides listeners through using urine as a healing modality, why it has been discarded by the mainstream, and other holistic wellness practices to begin embodying today.

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Twitter: @dr_edwardgroup

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  • Dose urine therapy cure cancer
    Where do I get information on this?
    Heart disease
    Prostate issues?
    Please reply

    • Go to … Among other things it’s free stem cell therapy!! Your own perfect medicine.