In this episode, Courtenay and Kit discuss group-think dynamics, intrinsic motivators, and activism. Kit’s career as an intelligence and deception analyst aids in this conversation of discovering someone’s ‘why power’ and how this essential need can be used to leverage and manipulate behaviors. She talks about how this filters into larger social groups as well, initiating virtue signaling and progressive agendas. Kit guides listeners in identifying their own validating motivators in order to uncover how they can be most effective when it comes to activism.

Kit is an intelligence and deception analyst, liberty activist, and author. Her writings specialize in how to design and maintain an effective political activism group. She’s been part of several efforts to stand up against tyranny both in the public sphere and in private, including the organization of a highly successful mass disobedience rally to defy an unconstitutional gun law. She holds an Honors MA in Intelligence Studies, an Honors BA in Counterintelligence, and is a certified Statement Analyst.

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The Pentagon’s Brain by Annie Jacobsen

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The Mindset of Resistance: Saying No to Tyranny in an Effective Way by Kit Perez

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