In this episode, Courtenay and Janice discuss the history, benefits, and safety of essential oils. Essential oils have become quite the buzzword and the center of much controversy in today’s world of health. Janice shares the background of where they came from, how they became popular here in America, and why their chemical makeup is of incredible benefit to us. She even shares how these oils have supported her autistic son. Prior to selling and teaching about essential oils, Janice was a home economics teacher for over 35 years! In this conversation, Courtenay and Janice circle back to the importance of encouraging stability in the home.

Janice Imbrogno is a former home economics teacher turned teacher of essential oils. Her mission is in offering empathy, compassion, knowledge, and skill to support her clients in their challenges, whether a difficult life situation, stress, overwhelm, a desire to live in a neat and orderly home, live a healthier lifestyle, or deepen their spiritual connection. In place of harmful chemicals, Janice is passionate about using Young Living Essential Oils and products to support her family’s well-being.

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