In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Alex back to the show for a deeper dive into the question “what is truth?” As expressed in this conversation, Courtenay and Alex found themselves traveling down different paths, with different viewpoints, and coming together with one goal in mind – to share truth. That’s the beauty of the Great Awakening, finding common ground beyond the labels and becoming a unified voice for humanity as ‘we the people.’ In today’s combative spiritual war, we need more enlightening conversations such as this one!

Alex Weber is an international keynote speaker and author on leadership and peak performance, American Ninja Warrior competitor, World Champion lacrosse player, and an award-winning entertainer for NBC and other networks. As of recent, he is also the founder of Men We Admire, a group aimed at empowering men. His contagious energy and passion for people will inspire you to lead from the heart and find your own truth!

Episode Resources: Joe Rogan:
Russell Brand:
1984 by George Orwell

Connect with Alex:
Instagram: @imalexweber
Book: Fail Proof: Become The Unstoppable You

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