In this inspiring episode, Courtenay and Jason discuss the restoration of hope through empowered personal responsibility and action-taking. During a time that feels extremely defeating as censorship expands, the debate is silenced, and power feels like it’s heavily delegated to corrupt politicians, Jason reminds us that the power always belongs to the people. Now, more so than ever, is the time to push fear aside and take a stand by getting involved.

Jason is a Utah native, successful entrepreneur, husband, and father of two daughters. Never one to turn down a challenge, he’s committed to protecting the Constitution during this critical time in history. In pursuit of doing his part, Jason is running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District with the mission of putting the power back into the hands of the people.

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Instagram: @utjasonpreston
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External sources: Difference between liberty & freedom-…
Explanation of how 3.5% can make a difference:…
Mass line actions -Mao:…
Books: Why Cvil Resistance Works – Erica Chenoweth

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