In this episode, Courtenay and Cat discuss the empowering evolution of fitness within their lives. From her own past of intense training as a marathon runner to suffering an injury, Cat shares why she began pursuing yoga as an essential part of her healing process. This life lesson taught her that pushing past challenging goals physically then becomes tangible proof of what we’re truly capable of as beings, which streamlines into other areas of our lives as well. She’s passionate about fitness being a journey of joy, empowerment, and progression to unlock deeper levels of potential and self-awareness.

Cat is an avid yogi and 200+ hour certified trainer. She’s the founder of online courses SOAR and Have More Yoga that are designed to holistically build confidence, release stressors, and cultivate clarity. As a former 9-5 corporate employee who was constantly on the go, Cat has used her own experiences to help her clients reach peace and fulfillment, no matter how busy their lifestyles.
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