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In this episode, Courtenay interviews Christa for an uncensored, raw, and real story about her experience with the C-19 v. Being a registered nurse for over 25 years, director of an assisted living home, mom of 3, avid runner, and health and fitness fanatic, Christa, like many, has had enough. After receiving her second injection in February, she’s been plagued with painfully debilitating symptoms. From involuntary nerve twitches, shingles, and joint pain, she talks about how she’s been met with lots of unanswered questions as she continues to seek healing through alternative sources.

As shared in this conversation, Christa is ready to take a stand against unjust mandates for the protection of others and especially for the children. One way to spread this awareness? Red and white ribbons. Tune in to find out what it’s all about and how you can support this important cause!

List of treatments which some people are finding relief:

And some coming from all over the world to get treatments from Dr. Mark Ghalili
Hyperbaric chambers
HCO2 Infusions

Connect with Christa on IG: @hope_health_freedom

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