In this episode, Gary and Courtenay discuss the ever important topic of today’s time – freedom. Gary shares a depth of knowledge and insight developed through his strong activism in defending liberties in Tennessee. This conversation provides extensive value to listeners who are wondering how to get involved and effect change within their own towns and states. From the restoration of morality in law, the bestowed constitutional rights of our government, and the immense power we hold as individuals, you’ll walk away with a renewed sense of hope and direction.

Gary Humble is the executive director of Tennessee Stands which is a conservative organization operating in Tennessee that aims to defend the liberties set forth by guiding principles.

Episode Resources: The document link containing the origin of the weaponization of the term “conspiracy theorist” CIA DOC 1035 960: Central Intelligence Agency: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet
Articles of confederation:…
Tennessee state constitution:…
Article about my story at the eye doctor with the mask:…

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Twitter: @tennesseestands
Instagram: @tennesseestands
Facebook: Tennessee Stands
YouTube: Tennessee Stands

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