In this episode, Marci and Courtenay discuss all things fitness, nutrition, and their correlation with mental health. Too often people want a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all blueprint for their physical goals, but Marci challenges us to take a deeper look as to why. What’s the real reason you want a certain physical transformation? As she points out, the body is simply a home for your spirit. Therefore, she’s passionate about helping her clients find joyful, sustainable, and intuitive habits that will allow them to show up in life embodying their fullest, most optimized expression.

Marci is a health + fitness coach, founder of Fun & Sustainable Fitness, author of The Accountability Code, reality T.V. star for Ace In The Hole, and mother of four girls. Her own journey from getting married at 18, suffering from postpartum depression, and battling a long lineage of mental health in her family, Marci was determined to make a change. As a master of well-being working with numerous clients, she quickly realized that what she was teaching in health and fitness was a direct translation into other areas of life too. On the show, she shares how this realization sparked a more holistic approach in her practice and how she’s now committed to guiding her clients as a result.

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