In this episode, Courtenay warmly welcomes Tom back to the show to discuss the genesis of socialism, Fabien Socialism & Keynesian economics. As Tom declares, “none of this is new, you just need to know how it started.” With a dive into the history and philosophy of from where socialism originated, beginning with Courtenay’s personal favorite, the Ancient Greek philosophers! This conversation draws upon the strong parallels we’re seeing today and why it’s so important to understand the history behind these ideas as not to blindly imbibe the mass action lines. Tom points out the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” ideology streamed within the illusive belief that a nation can legislate itself into utopia. Every human is born with three innate rights- life, liberty, and property. The government’s job is to protect those rights, and our job is to fight to keep them!

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Suggested/ mentioned reading materials:
Thomas More- Utopia
Plato’s -Republic
Aristotle- The Politics
Hegel- Phenomenology of Spirit
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon- What is Property
Bastiat- Economic Sophisms & The Law
Karl Marx- Communist Manifesto
Charles Dickens- A Tale of Two Cities
Friedrich Hayek- The Road To Serfdom & The Fatal Conceit, the Errors of Socialism
Max Weber- Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism; The Two Souls of Socialism
Calvin Coolidge- essays Thomas Robert Malthus- An Essay on the Principles of Population
Hannah Arendt- On Totalitarianism
C.S. Lewis- God in the Dock, Essays on Theology Socialism Made Plain, the Social and Political Manifesto of the Democratic Federation…
William Morris – Chants for Socialists
Nathaniel Hawthorne- The Birthmark
Beatrice & Sidney Webb- Jonah Goldberg


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