You’ve probably been hearing all the chatter about social media algorithms. Maybe wondering why your posts aren’t being seen anymore. What’s it all about? Well if that’s you, you’re in luck! In this episode, Courtenay and Adam share all the insider secrets to social media. With Adam’s extensive expertise within the digital space, you’ll walk away with strategies on how to boost your engagement and optimize your online presence with authenticity.

Adam Adams has educated thousands of investors through real estate conferences, radio & podcast interviews, his coaching program, and his thriving Meetup group. Adam hosts the Creative Real Estate Podcast which has received hundreds of thousands of downloads globally. His efforts to educate and inspire other investors has earned him the prestigious title “Master Investor” by Think Realty magazine and he is also a three-time Hall of Fame winner from RE Mentor for his successes in multifamily syndications. recognized him as one of the top 6 MeetUp organizers in the world (2018).

Today Adam is a full-time real estate investor through his company, BlueSpruce Holdings. As one of the top syndication teams in the United States, the company is focused on finding and managing apartment communities to allow passive investors diversification, cash flow, tax benefits, and freedom of time. Adam’s primary role in the company is to attract capital, successfully raising millions of dollars from private investors.

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