In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Landon Starbuck to the show to discuss her fight against child trafficking. Landon is the founder of non-profit organization, Freedom Forever. After a young career in Hollywood as a billboard charting artist, she quickly realized the level of sexual explotation being used in the industry. Her early experiences shaped her values and later activism against the child trafficking epidemic happening in America. She discusses her current fight at the border, the grooming happening within the education systems, digital dangers targeting children, as well as the vulnerabilities to watch for in victims.

Landon is a national thought leader, speaker, and activist countering human trafficking. She is a fearless defender of freedom and human dignity. From protecting God given rights, to advocating for trafficked and exploited women and children, Landon is a freedom warrior. She serves on the board of Operation Lightshine, an anti-trafficking organization in Nashville TN . She also serves on the Advisory Council for Lynn’s Warriors in New York. She is a partner with The National Center On Sexual Exploitation, and is a member of The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation.

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