In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Matt Bilinsky to the show to discuss best practices in finding quality news sources. It’s apparent that in this digital age there’s a bit of a social media firestorm. With clickbait, fake news, and “research” that goes as deep as a Twitter thread, it’s hard to decipher an honest conclusion on current events. While finding an angle that’s entirely true is the challenge, you can certainly receive a well-rounded perspective by finding various, even-grounded sources that will shape your own stance. Matt is here to share his tips on doing just that.
Matt Bilinsky is a tech/media lawyer representing brands and start-ups. He studied at Cornell and UCLA Law. Since the 2020 pandemic, he has vastly grown his following through the refreshing mission of encouraging more honest media. He’s breaking through today’s digital architecture of manipulative information and using a multi-angled approach to present a full picture of current affairs to his audience.
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