In this episode, Courtenay and Nita discuss a wide array of topics from empowering personal strengths and female bodybuilding, to overcoming addiction and defining purpose. This powerful conversation embodies the divinity of truth that resides in each of us. By taking the responsibility to utilize our power and live in our fullest expression, we allow our innate purpose to thrive. As you’ll hear, Nita’s journey is one filled with undeniable inspiration and strength!

Nita Marquez is an anti-stress peak performance coach and founder of the CHAMPION Life System. She supports high achievers in maximizing balance to reduce stress while increasing their quality of life for long-term productivity. Nita has two clothing lines, a podcast, and long history in the fitness industry as a professional athlete and fitness model. She’s been a freelance writer, author, public speaker, and personal trainer/nutritionist since 1997, sharing her passion for wellness and success with many.

Episode Resources: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Connect with Nita:
Instagram: Nita Marquez
Facebook: @fitnita

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