You know Tony Robbins? Well, these men are the exact opposite of that. Steven and The Monty, authors of the book How To Be a Miserable Failure, are here to empower your bad habits. Why? Because they don’t believe in the marketing schemes of “success” when only about 1% find it and don’t want you to feel alone in failing (they say Joe Biden is a big fan of this book!). If you’re in need of a few belly laughs, this is definitely the episode to tune into!

Steven Snyder is an American film and television actor, screenwriter, author, podcaster, and comedian. He has been in the films I Am Number Four, Crazy Stupid Love, and Casual Encounters. He’s also appeared in television programs including CSI, Extant, and iCarly & Community. Steven holds three advanced college degrees, including a Masters in Film & Television Production. The Monty is such a failure he’s successfully remained off the grid so you can only find his guide book on how to be a failure (which he cant really read, but that’s ok because you can hear him talk about it on his podcast with Steven.

Connect with Steven & The Monty:
Purchase the Book: How To Be a Miserable Failure…
Website: the website link they mentioned was broken … living up to their messaging! 🤣
Podcast: How To Be A Miserable Failure…

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