In this episode, Courtenay and Kylie discuss the bridge between emotion and movement. Kylie is a specialist in kettlebell training due to her love of the fluidity, intention, and strength each technique holds. She also highlights the yin-yang contrast of kettlebell training’s tension, and simultaneous flow, that powerfully connects the mind and body. In this conversation, she shares how being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition early on, empowered her into the fitness world as a healing mechanism and a way to pay forward the strength she found.

Coach Kylie has multiple degrees in Sports Marketing, Events and Business. She’s a trainer for both adults and children and is passionate about delivering strength, endurance and balance to maximize each client’s abilities. With a focus on cognitive and holistic methods, Kylie aims to bring clients to their highest potential with practices that will serve them beyond the gym.

Episode Resources: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

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