In this episode, Courtenay and Zane blend together two of this podcast’s favorite topics: health and politics. With a deep-dive into the world of ‘Big Food’, this conversation highlights the importance of prioritizing metabolic health to combat viruses and chronic illness. By reassessing consumption of processed foods and focusing on nutrient-dense, local sources, you can reduce overall inflammation and set yourself up for longevity. Foods really can serve as medicine!

Zane Griggs has been a fitness trainer since 1998. He is well-known for his appearance on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss seasons 1 and 4, where he helped two participants reach their goal of losing half their body weight over the course of a year. He went on to write his first book, Low Carb Lifestyle & Weight Loss Made Simple, in 2019 to further share his extensive expertise with the world and now is the host of his own podcast Hunger Hunt Feast.

Zane attributes his passion for weight loss and longevity to his wife and children, who motivate him to practice what he preaches and maintain optimal levels of health and fitness at any age… and he’s here to share how you can, too!

Episode Resources:
Weston A. Price Foundation Home – The Weston A. Price Foundation
Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

elated articles:…
The Flexer Report of 1910…
The “Flexner Report” and the World Health Organization – Weblyf…
Pure Food & Drug act of 1906:…
“Just in the single year 2017, Olympic, World, and U.S. Champion Tori Bowie’s 100 meters lifetime best of 10.78 was beaten 15,000 times by men and boys.  (Yes, that’s the right number of zeros.)”…

Connect with Zane:
Amazon Books: Zane Griggs
Instagram: @zanegriggsfitness
Podcast: Hunger Hunt Feast

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