Courtenay Turner invites, John Richardson, “The Apricot Seed Guy,” carries on the legacy of his father, Dr. John A. Richardson, MD, and G. Edward Griffin by telling the world about the health benefits and power of Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B17/Laetrile at Richardson Nutritional Center. Many of John’s closest friends have been introduced to him due to his relationship with Mr. G, who was his father’s lifetime best friend.
John has eaten Apricot Seeds every day of his life. His father, Dr. John A. Richardson, MD, was a pioneer of nutritional health and alternative treatment in the late 1960s who helped thousands of people through B17/Laetrile treatment. His reward: He lost his medical license, his freedom, and eventually, his life.

Operation World Without Cancer is a humanitarian global marketing effort to create widespread understanding of all natural, organic, metabolic, God-given solutions to cancer, with the ultimate goal of making cancer as rare as scurvy by the year 2030.

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