In this episode, Courtenay invites Jason Bermas and Jay Dyer back to the show to meet each other in person for an important conversation on censorship. More so, how personalities are being revered over the information being presented. This psychological influence and subconscious power control has caused many to disregard vital facts because of the source’s status. This explains why we see either propped up media darlings or Facebook inmates…same information, different presentation. Come listen in to this insightful conversation as the trio speculates on where media is headed next.

Jason Bermas is an activist, documentary filmmaker, and commentator. He is widely known for Fabled Enemies, Invisible Empire, and Loose Change: Second Edition. To learn more about Jason’s work and how you can support, be sure to check out the resources below.

Jay Dyer is an author, comedian, and TV presenter known for his deep analysis of Hollywood, geopolitics, and culture. His graduate work focused on psychological warfare and film. He is also the author of two books, Esoteric Hollywood 1 & 2 and the co-creator and co-host of the television show Hollywood Decoded. He has been featured on numerous popular shows, podcasts, and debates with some of the world’s top debaters.

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Disclaimer: this is intended to be inspiration & entertainment. We aim to inform, inspire & empower. Guest opinions/ statements are not a reflection of the host or podcast. Please note these are conversational dialogues. All statements and opinions are not necessarily meant to be taken as fact. Please do your own research. Thanks for watching!


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