In this episode Courtenay invites author, writer, and researcher extraordinaire, Rachel Wilson, back to the show for a fascinating conversation no one else is talking about! Ever wonder why massive money-making campaigns centered around cancer research (including the tokenization of Pink October) has resulted in little to no progress towards a cure? In fact, it seems cancer cases are on the rise, and by their own admission, consequentially needs even more funding. And an even better question – is NASA in on this stunted progress? With new developments like “moon shots” and medical acronyms such as APOLLO, it seems there’s a close connection in the mix. However, the evidence gets even more intriguing the deeper one dives. Courtenay and Rachel bring to the table mind-blowing research about the origins of cancer research and patterns of NASA propaganda that will reshape the way you view these entities entirely. Tune in to find out more!

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  • Re: the DOD & psychedelics; here’s one way to frame it: the proven benefits of mdma therapy for ptsd (shell-shocked soldiers can potentially once again be made battle-ready). That’s just one avenue, which has clinical proofs & trial history. There’s obviously endless potential for less, erm, I loathe to say “altruistic” means. Just spitballing here, but, lsd (or similar/analogues) dispersal into enemy/civilian water/food supplies for, well, you name the effect or end; certainly mind control comes to mind; directed psychotic/homicidal/suicidal episodes or incidents… Nothing that isn’t very old hat, and hasn’t been done before, and nothing that won’t continue to be done. Likely some horrific new tricks we have yet to even imagine.
    *But remember folks – it’s your *NEIGHBOR* you should be afraid of. That other parent at the park, the gal walking in your direction in the grocery store, that fellow you see Every Day walking his dog while you’re walking YOUR dog? *GASP!* Watch out, now, citizen. *THEY*…they are the real threat.*
    I remember when I was a kid, naturally being scared to be alone in the woods behind my house. Lots of animals out there, versus just little old me. “They’re more afraid of you than you are of them,” adults would tell me. Over and over, I heard those words, as if it were some kind of slogan. Some universal truth. Turns out, they were right, and it’s something I’m helping my own son learn these days.
    Was I the only one who learned it? Seems hard to believe, given the ubiquity with which I was taught it, and the consistency of the language.
    Remember, everybody: They (big ‘T’ they) are more afraid of us than we are of them.
    Please teach your children this universal truth.
    (Thanks for letting me spitball a bit. Apologies for any formatting/sp./gr. errors. Cheers)

    (*denotes satire throughout, discernment recommended)