In this episode, Courtenay invites Share Healthcare’s chief of legal counsel, Mike Sharman, to the show to expand on common questions surrounding the ministry. Share Healthcare, while not health insurance, serves as a gateway to medical freedom allowing its members to choose their own doctors and hospitals (including Chinese and alternative medicine). The 4 main pillars of values they subscribe to are: 1. Relieve the burden of medical expenses 2. Inspire individuals to lead healthy, happy and active lives 3. Honor Christian principles of generosity and healthy living 4. Provide a first-class user experience. Tune into this episode as Mike explains how Share Healthcare can work for you and your family and how to enroll today!

Mike received his JD from the University of Wyoming and his LLM in International Taxation from Regent University School of Law. Since the early 1990s, Mike has represented and advocated for Health Care Sharing Ministries. Mike has represented Health Care Sharing Ministries in administrative agencies, courts, and legislatures in over twenty states. Mike’s law practice has two focuses: the representation of Health Care Sharing Ministries and assisting the survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

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