In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the show to discuss the Covid-19 “vaccine”. In fact, she discusses how the word vaccine is misleading in the way this particular bioweapon has been designed and how the power of the word itself has allowed for mass acceptance. She further elaborates on the gene-changing therapeutic components and shedding process. Dr. Jane also shares her top 5 natural supplement recommendations to be preventative and protect your body’s immunity.

Dr. Jane Ruby is a medical professional and a pharmaceutical drug development expert with over 20 years of experience in regulatory processes for drug approval with the FDA and the EMA. She is also a published international health economist who has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows across America. Dr. Ruby worked on the human research studies to launch some of the most famous compounds in the world in Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Addiction, and Cardio-pulmonary diseases.

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