In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Alex of Stolen History back to the show to discuss the mysteries of ancient civilization that flood our society today. Once again presenting the question of: “Did history get erased?” And if so, why?
Alex first dives into the establishment of Tartary as well as its proposed downfall. He then showcases a series of architectural structures to illuminate the faults in their documentation and creation, with a heavy emphasis on the geometrical shapes used to conduct energy. And lastly, he leads into the documented discoveries of various underground cities. This conversation will leave listeners with much to contemplate as they begin to challenge what mainstream media and popular museums have reported over time. One might begin to inquire what has been omitted or possibly falsified and why?

Alex known as Trismegistus is one of the moderators, contributors, and researchers for Stolen History, a platform dedicated to presenting valuable and combative theories that counteract what we’ve been told to believe and accept as truth.

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