In this episode, Courtenay welcomes JSlay to the show to talk about the journey of “waking up”, a place many have found themselves in recent years. Jeremy’s refreshing determination to preserve American values and share personal experiences that have opened his eyes to the agenda, serve as a permission slip for others to speak out too. In this conversation, Courtenay and Jeremy talk about what inspired his journey, the influence of media, controlled opposition, self-censoring, “conspiracies”, and overcoming the fear of offending others by speaking truth.

Jeremy Slayden is a former All-American Athlete of Georgia Tech and professional baseball player with the Philadelphia Phillies. He’s now a successful entrepreneur and founder of JSLAY: Made in the USA. His mission is to bring authentic, compelling content that educates and inspires. From conservative political commentary, optimizing performance, or dealing with loss and addiction, listeners can find a little bit of everything.

Episode Resources:
Who Owns The World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership by Kevin Cahill
Carroll Quigley: Book Library
Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals by Saul Alinsky
CIA Document 1035-960

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