In this episode, Courtenay welcomes dear friend Sean David Morton to the show to share his personal battles, predictions, and discuss a range of today’s tabooed “conspiracy theories.” In this captivating conversation, Sean shares his copious knowledge and wisdom taking us through his journey, while simultaneously divulging his cognition of arcane events, including the death of JFK Jr., Hillary Clinton suspicions, Biden in the Ukraine, artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial invasion, September 11th, the Nazis, and so many more. He delineates corroborating evidence and connects the dots, integrating the themes and occurrences. Taking us through the philosophy of time through space and quantum energy, Sean gives us a glimpse into a the future.

Sean David Morton is an internationally recognized PhD. in Therapeutic Psychology, a master astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic. He’s an award-winning independent writer, director and producer. His movie, Joe Killionaire, received global distribution and his documentary work includes the spanning UFO Contactees and The Prophecy of the Pyramids. Sean was also the producer for Sightings, the most watched program on Fox up to that time! Today, he’s the host of radio shows Overnight and Strange Universe, as well as a bestselling author.

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