In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Stanford Graham to the show for a brilliant conversation inspired by his latest product, Cardio Miracle. The main emphasis of Cardio Miracle is nitric oxide –a molecule produced naturally by the body responsible for vasodilation, a function in which the inner muscles of the blood vessels relax, widen and increase circulation. Stanford takes listeners through various studies of what contributes to optimal blood health, how GMOs disrupt it, and the negative effects seen from the jab. The conversation leads into a discussion around critical thinking, the impact of fear on critical thinking, and combating unethical genetic modifications to both food and people.

Stanford Graham is a former lawyer turned entrepreneur. After recommitting to his health and taking on a more rigorous training schedule with the goal of breaking the world record for the men 50+ division mile run, he knew his nutrition needed a sharper focus. This inspired him to step out of his role as an attorney and immerse deeper into the world of food science and nutrition. He was determined to come up with a portable macro-rich, nutrient-dense solution to the “food bag” he found himself carrying around rather inconveniently. After much trial and error, he successfully founded Elements for Athletes, hand-crafted freeze-dried meals that are delicious, healthy, and easy to transport!

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M. Charles Liberman
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Liability Immunity Act
Andres Noack

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