On this special 100th episode, Courtenay welcomes Amy Pfeffer to the show to talk about her experiences growing up in the sex industry, escaping, and now counseling survivors of trafficking. She shares a unique perspective about the conditioning those who have been sexually abused since childhood face and why “free will” may be more of an illusion to them. She goes on to describe the journey of healing, the root of borderline personality disorder, organizations that are doing more harm than good, and symbolism that indicates Satanic rituals and what that means for its victims. Her wisdom, insight, and compassion leaves listeners with hope amidst this spiritual war!

Amy Pfeffer has been in the Nashville healthcare industry for over 15+ years leading multimillion dollar initiatives with clients like Disney, BMW, Intel, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs. Amy is also a musician, a saxophonist, and vocalist. She grew up in the sex industry and has worked with sex-trafficked survivors for over six years. Amy is a professional life coach and is in the midst of obtaining her masters in clinical mental health counseling in May of 2022.
Amy also leads a group of Williamson county patriots called The Breakfast Club whose sole purpose is to push back in peaceful, positive, and practical ways on the biosecurity protocol including isolation/quarantines, distancing, masking, experimental injections, and passports. She has also worked with Moms for Liberty.

Episode Resources:
Walter Veith (professor)
The College Conspiracy Documentary
Revelation Gateway Ministries
Mully Documentary

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Website: https://elysianoakslifecoach.com/
Amy’s Single: The Great Awakening
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