On todays episode of Dangerous Dames Dr. Lee Merritt & Courtenay Turner invite another Dangerous Dame, Maryam Henein to discuss the trajectory of internet of things to internet of bodies to the internet of nano things to internet of bio-nano things

The Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT) is a system of nano-connected devices, objects, or organisms that have unique identifiers to transfer data over a computer or cellular network wirelessly to the Cloud. Data delivery, caching, and energy consumption are among the most significant topics in the IoNT nowadays.

Bio-Nano Things (BNTs), communicating via non-conventional means, e.g., molecular communications (MC), in non-conventional environments, e.g., inside human body. The main objective of this emerging networking framework is to enable direct and seamless interaction with biological systems for accurate sensing and control of their dynamics in real time.

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