The Dangerous Dames are honored to have a renowned organizer in the freedom and liberty movement, to discuss strategies on restoring power to We the People.

Brad’s dedication to action and unity is conspicuous in his pivotal role as the architect and organizer of the Walk for Freedom movement, inaugurated in August 2020. This movement became the beacon during the freedom movement across Canada, standing as the largest in Canadian history with over 50 super rallies. Bringing together countless thousands weekly to share truth and information, as it reached and united millions of Canadians through its rallies and “live stream” broadcasts. On its stage, Brad united a diverse cross section of society and esteemed international figures, including judges, doctors, lawyers, professionals, tribal leaders, religious figures, and community leaders, all united to expose the government’s negligence regarding the Covid vaccine and the encroachment of a globalist agenda. The movement’s profound impact led to the resignations of the Calgary Mayor, Alberta Premier, and its health minister.

Brad Carrigan, now the interim leader of the New Federation Party, epitomizes this transformative leadership. Armed with intellectual and spiritual insights, he grasps the pressing issues of our time and envisions essential transformations to restore power to the people of Canada.

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