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In episode 49 we are joined by Courtenay Turner to discuss NAC’s. Land is the ultimate asset from which all wealth is derived. Hence why since the dawn of time man has fought for control of it. Today is no different, and right now a war is underway to not just take back the land…but to ensure it is then put offline permanently. For you and I, that is.

Enter the Natural Asset Class, a dangerous and cynical attempt by the global banking predators to turn all of nature into a new asset class that will enable them to list mother nature on the stock exchange. From here, our farmland, national parks and even streams and rivers can be traded and gambled with like poker chips at a Las Vegas casino.

As insane as this sounds, the agenda is already well underway, wrapped up in fuzzy sounding words like ‘sustainability’ and ‘biodiversity’ for us…whist behind the scenes Blackrock and the World Bank openly speak about how NAC’s will created a $4 Quadrillion dollar market for the rich to play with. But knowing what we know about the ponzi financial system, perhaps there is another agenda on top of just greed and gain. Because by listing nature on the stock exchange it is sure to be collateralized along with all the other financial assets and held against the national debt.

To discuss NAC’s and the push to put all of natures processes into the stock market we are joined by Courtenay Turner who not only has done extensive research into NAC’s but also helped successfully fight back against having them listed on the New York Stock Exchange. But this was only round one, and there are many mechanisms now in play to ensure NAC’s become the new ponzi economy. This is a must listen and share episode for getting up to speed with the hidden push to rob us of our commons, privatize nature and ultimately destroy our capacity for self determination.
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