On this week’s Courtenay Turner Radio Hour, our host Courtenay examines the players & themes involved in Jordan Peterson’s new project called ARC. The alliance for responsible citizenship. It’s being touted as an organization designed to combat the goals of the WEF and others of that ilk, but is it? Or is it the dialectical right hand of the wealthy parasite class designed to package the same agenda in a more palatable narrative, a “better story”?
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  • Hi Courtney, just discovered you trough Rachel and Jay Dyer.I really appreciate your content.
    Although I am a simple person who never quite found my place in the world, I loved Jordan when I came across his content in 2018( I was an anxious declared atheist who actually was unknowingly enamoured with the ocult). I listened to pretty much all his content and also appreciated Jonathan Pageau.
    I noticed though at one point around 2019 that Jordan became increasingly pessimist about his fame and at one point said(I can’t remember in which podcast) that he is just on top of the wave but he will likely go under…or I don’t know…I am paraphrasing now but from his tone I had the feeling he was actually describing a feeling, an intuition or a certain ty. After I found out he is very sick I thought…wow…he really was prophetic….And then, just like you, after he came back I was super happy, I bought his book but something was just off you know?
    I stopped listening to him a while ago and also I get this strange feeling when I notice the huge difference between how him and his daughter used to be/look some years ago and now. There are older interviews of them both on a canadian television and it is obvious that both suffered phisiscally and mentally from multiple illnesses. Now, they both seam like being pulled and pushed in our face and it feels so off. I still like them and I do pray for them both but….I completely share your speculations. It is indeed quite strange and weird how all this turned out and it just makes me so sad that no matter how many good intentions you have, in the end when you start gathering a huge following, you loose control over your own life.
    They both said that they started managing their depression and imune disorders with only meat diet so in this at least doesn’t align with the eat bugs narative but as an Ortodox Christian I really don’t trust anyone’s discernment when they start talking about dialogue between muslims, all christians and all the other faiths like Jodran did a while ago on his chanel.
    I really hope we are wrong as I do like him as a person but looking at him how he looks, it just doesn’t seam like he is a good place. He seams just shattered if you look at his facial expressions. Don t know….maybe I am overthinking this but again…..it is sooo sad….
    Take care and all the best in mind and sould Courtney!
    an overthinking stay at home mum 🙂