In episode 56, originally aired in December 2021, Courtenay and Dr. Gina discussed the mental fabrics that thread political ambitions. There’s no mistaking that what we’re seeing today is spiritual warfare. There’s those whose motives stem from self-serving power and those who are on a mission to serve a Higher Power. As the world slowly awakens, this psychological awareness allows us to better navigate challenges and make more intentional decisions about future candidates.

Dr. Gina Loudon is a conservative media personality as seen on major networks including Fox News, Fox Business, CSPAN, and ABC. She’s currently the president of programming and senior anchor at Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) and holds the title as a bestselling author for her three publications. She is well known for her service as a member of the Trump campaign’s media advisory board and the co-chair of Women For Trump 2020. Gina holds two master’s degrees, one being in Counseling, and a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. Through many nominated awards and accolades over the years, Gina has proven to be a woman of incredible impact!

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