In this episode, Courtenay and Nils discuss the large spectrum of virtue signaling being demonstrated throughout the nation to uphold unrightful seats in the House, issue unreasonable mandates, and ultimately allow injustices to be committed with little to no consequences. Hitting upon current crises such as the surge at the Southern Border, social media censorship, and a call (for the first time in history!) for the healthy to be quarantined, this episode will have you reflecting deeply on the current issues we’re facing here and America, as well as across the globe.

Nils was a former soldier, conducting clandestine security, border and counterinsurgency operations. In 1992, he became a licensed private detective. As an agent of the Pinkerton Organization and later operating the Grevillius Detective Service, Nils has conducted kidnapping, robbery, homicide, assault, hijacking, extortion, workplace theft, mass tort, and conflict of interest investigations for a variety of clients. Nils is also a published author, currently working on his next book!

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