In this episode Courtenay welcomes Chinese author, Xu Xue Chun, to the show to discuss the contents of his book, Century Sentence, as well as the corruption of the CCP. Together they dissect the origins of coronavirus, the intentions of the bioweapon, and the power of the people to overthrow the CCP and Deep State.

Xu Xue Chun is the most influential leader and scholar from Shanghai, China. He spent 30 years observing, thinking, and recording human society and put forward suggestions to Chinese and world governments. Most of his suggestions have been adopted and taken seriously. His book, Century Sentence, describes how he was called by God to compose and publish articles online. His opinions and suggestions reverse political tendencies around the world, dispelling evil, terrorism, injustice, and demons, rebuilding a new order. Most incredibly, everything he writes about comes true, or is about to become true, no matter how inconceivable.

Some of the events that Chun predicted that came to pass include Trump’s election, objections to North Korea, opposition to Islam extremism, and reform of state-owned companies in China. Called ‘a diary written to God, accusing all of the world’, Chun’s revelations and predictions are astounding to behold and may actually reveal for the first time, God’s opinions.

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