In this episode, Courtenay and Jason discuss a large variety of controversial topics including, but not limited to, intelligence agencies, censorship, injections, September 11th, the Maxwell Trial, and transhumanism. Jason shares impeccable facts and knowledge (with resources!) that disprove a majority of weak mainstream arguments while certainly solidifying that these topics are not “conspiracies”…they’re reality! With fascinating wit, prepare to discover the unveiling of decades worth of corrupt scheming and how to fight back in order to protect humanity as we know it.

Jason Bermas is an activist, documentary filmmaker, and commentator. He is widely known for Fabled Enemies, Invisible Empire, and Loose Change: Second Edition. To learn more about Jason’s work, be sure to check out the resources below.

Episode Resources:
Info Wars:
The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen
NASA website
Invisible Empire

Connect with Jason:
YouTube: Jason Bermas
RokFin: Jason Bermas
Twitter: Jason Bermas

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