In this episode, Natalie and Courtenay talk about finding freedom and peace within fitness. Since women are more complex due to their hormones, body design, and menstrual cycles they require customized and adaptable training routines to fully honor their uniqueness. When following intense programs or “one-size-fits-all” methods to getting fit, women will often gain weight, experience adrenal fatigue, and ultimately burn out. In this conversation, Natalie dives into why this happens and how to transform it.

Natalie Newhart is a former CrossFit Games competitor turned full-time nutrition coach, specializing in women’s health. She began training in CrossFit back in 2009, leading her to quit her government job as a hydrologist and open her own gym. Her dedication to the sport placed her in 8th overall at the 2015 South Regionals. With an innate competitive spirit, Natalie shares how her intensity as an athlete caused many health complications like diabetes, early onset menopause, and adrenal fatigue. Realizing how damaging overtraining was becoming to her body, she became fiercely committed to helping other women achieve results with more intuitive strategies and less stress.

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