In this episode, Courtenay and Roxanne discuss the innate beauty of living life from authenticity by balancing mascline and feminine energies to reach high levels of optimization, perseverance, and strength. Roxanne takes listeners through her unique 5S formula that’s designed to activate self-confidence and self-trust, especially when it comes to “seeking the fight” and building resiliency through life’s battles.

Roxanne is a former celebrity makeup artist turned holistic high-performance coach, athlete, podcast host, writer, and founder of BlackBeltBeauty. She’s passionate about guiding women out of “survive” mode into “thrive” mode in all areas of their lives with the mindset, lifestyle, and wellness tools based heavily on the studies of neuroscience and the art of human potential.

Connect with Roxanne: Website:
Instagram: @roxylook @blackbeltbeauty @queendomwarriors

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