Courtenay Turner & David B. Gosselin discuss themes from his substack series “Slaying Mithra”, exploring how ancient cults are being revived via new age cults and self help movements.

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  • This was my initial exposure to you & to your content. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this exchange, having retired 2 yrs ago & now IMMERSED in waking up (mind-blowing what most of us have been blinded to for the many reasons you discussed). I’ve belonged to Jesus for @ 50 years & (earlier on) applied much of what was discussed to the institutional, 501c3 “church” (ekklesia / assembly or called out group of those who believe) organizations that are essentially corporations submitted to the state, perpetuating all of the rituals & traditions to slowly subvert the simplicity of the gospel, substituting synthesized for actual truths that liberate. Self-feeding & reinforcement w/other believers (small groups like Century 1 gatherings under persecution w/ no formalized institutional trappings) which has brought much liberation in that realm. I so appreciate your taking erudite concepts & making them digestible, citing/recommending resources to dig deeper. This is true education/enlivenment. Admire both of you for your devotion to truth & the “mechanics” of how the evil one has, through those who reject the LORD, perverted everything to enable the realization of his warped agenda in place of the magnificent one given to us as a gift by Him who died, rose again & ever lives to make intercession for us as our advocate… A thought on how the “elite” believe they’ll bypass the clear-headed thinking, reasoning & dissemination of truth that is enjoying such a “renaissance” in these difficult days (understanding that this is a kind of 3 dimensional chess game w/ multiple levels/vectors of activity engaged in the accomplishment of the ultimate objective you two so well articulated): they (have already & will continue to escalate) “hack the human” (Yuval Noah Harari) through the intentional, systematic insertion/application of nano biotechnology to re-engineer the organic (all of creation, including humans) into the synthetic, malleable alternative they seek (after culling the herd). Satan perverts everything – Jesus restores, preserves, exalts and grants entre to us to participate in eternity with Him – what could be more aspiring and motivational? Who we are because of Him & what He has (& is!) doing is our motive power.