Glenn Baker of the Glenn Baler band joins Courtenay Turner to discuss the Soldier Strong Tour Presents: Paying it forward – Honoring Our Vets. Tune in live to learn about the upcoming show!

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  • Courtney, I am a 70’s veteran, spent the better part of nine months getting put back together by two very wonderful MASH Dr.s in the late 70’s. Left the military in metal leg braces. there were folks in the airport my father picked me up that called me a baby killer and tried to spit on me I never told my dad what happened earlier at baggage claim. I was a angry young veteran who was denied any disability I drank and fought and was an overall jerk. But GOD my Lord put my wife in my life and it’s like night and day at my age (oh and by the way the VA found my lost medical records after 45 years) My bride and I run a small but very beautiful farm deep in the NC/TN mountains. Blessings to you