In this episode, Courtenay and Aaron discuss the integration of mind-body connection through fitness to achieve ultimate life performance. Having previously suffered from severe panic attacks, anxiety and depression, Aaron began to seek remedy through a holistic approach. As he explains, fitness is a manmade concept, yet movement is a key component to human functioning. In his current practice, Aaron incorporates breathwork, neurology, nutrition, meditation, emotional regulation, and fitness to bring his clients a fulfilling and sustainable result as opposed to a “quick fix” treatment.

Aaron is the founder of H.F.T. supplements, a U.S. based company dedicated to supplying clinically proven, quality ingredients that ensure safety and effectiveness to help consumers lead healthy, active lifestyles. Aaron has been in the fitness industry for an impressive 15 years, with specialties as a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, an Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner, and a Certified Personal Trainer through NSCA.

Episode Resources: You are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Instagram: @hybridfitnesstraining

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