Courtenay Turner invites the author of The Sleeper Agent, Adam Finnegan, to discuss his book and research unraveling with reliable evidence the mystery of Lyme Disease, chronic disease, and their relation to biological weapons, and a condition Erich Traub discovered called Immune Tolerance (chronic immunosuppression).

A.W. Finnegan is a researcher and writer affected by Lyme disease and immune tolerance, and has been battling health problems since he was young, with the onset of a chronic disease in 2016. He is a writer, graphic artist & designer, an avid reader and researcher of history, biological warfare, esoteric philosophy, spirituality, and the Western Mystery Traditions. He has made a special study of the life and work of Erich Traub and the science of immune tolerance. He has collected and translated to English all of Traub’s published research. He lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, peacefully by himself, where he enjoys BMX biking, fitness, study, the arts, and self-development.”

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