Courtenay Turner invites Jeanice Barcelo, a deep medical researcher to expose the deliberate violence being inflicted on incoming babies as they try to make their way into the world.

Jeanice Barcelo is an author, educator, researcher and birth advocate dedicated to the restoration and preservation of family love on Earth. She explains how medical interventions during pregnancy and birth are leading to a breakdown in family love worldwide. Jeanice is passionate about educating people on the topic of birth trauma and the need for preconception education so that future parents will understand the keys to birthing their babies gently and in love. Jeanice has created a Ministry to support future parents in this regard, along with a 20-week Parenting Program that emphasizes the importance of doing preparatory work prior to the conception of children. She offers online classes and webinars, private sessions for the healing of birth trauma, keynote presentations addressing multiple topics.
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