What does the mindset of a 24x Guinness World Record breaker look like? Spoiler alert- it involves Mario Kart! In this episode, Ron Cooper and Courtenay discuss what it takes to cultivate the mindset and habits of a fitness champion through self-motivation, incremental gains, and healthy competition. Discovering the common thread of lasting success boils down to pure joy and passion. Since 2012, Ron has been going after fitness Guinness World Records achieving 24 titles for “most in a minute” categories through variations of pull-ups, step-ups, and push-ups. One record he actually claimed live on The Today Show while showcasing how to break records at his daughters’ school.

Ron is also known for his two-time appearance on American Ninja Warrior. At the age of 42, he’s still going strong pursuing his passion for fitness. In addition, Ron works full-time as a financial advisor for Eagle Strategies and is a loving father to his two daughters.

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