In this episode, Courtenay invites season 18 American Idol contestant, Jimmy Levy, to the show. Jimmy is a #1 Charting Top 40 Singer and 15x Billboard artist. In this conversation, he shares the extremity of social engineering that plagues the music and film industry, as well as how it works to exploit children through luciferian principles. The entertainment industry’s motives rest on the desire to create spiritual and psychological warfare to draw consumers further away from God. He gets personal and vulnerable about his upbringing as a Jew and how his views have shifted, while exposing how false narratives are being deployed to create division and deception. Charting songs like “God Over Government”, “Faith Over Fear” and “Welcome To The Revolution,” it’s fair to say Jimmy is using his incredible talent to usher in major change and is encouraging us all to do the same.

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YouTube: @JimmyLevy
Instagram: @jimmylevy

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