In this episode, Courtenay invites Dr. Jennifer VanDeWater, PharmD, to the show to discuss her holistic integration into pharmaceutical intervention. While Big Pharma has become a money making machine at the expense of its patients, masking symptoms and providing every pill for the ill, Dr. Jen and the Wellness Company have become advocates for a different approach that embraces natural immunity and cures. Come discover her efforts in trailblazing a new path forward by putting the patient first and using her knowledge to blend the best of both worlds.

Dr. Jennifer VanDeWater, PharmD, is a registered pharmacist licensed in Maine, New York, and Vermont. She graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy of Albany NY in 2006. Dr. Jen is The People’s Pharmacist: as one of the founders of the Integrative Therapeutics Board of The Wellness Company, she is a global leader in reinitializing the continuum of care processes between pharmacists, patients, and their doctors.This means developing an understanding that pharmaceuticals are only part of the solution that patients should consider for their wellness – nutraceuticals, diet, mental health, and lifestyle changes need to be incorporated into health plans. Today, Dr. Jen VanDeWater is not only looking out for the overall wellness of the people, she is also finding ways to support brave independent Main Street pharmacies who stand up against the corporate agenda. Dr. VanDeWater embodies the The Wellness Company values and leads the way in how we think about wellness.

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